Saturday 10 December 2016

Hour of Code - Forrest Hill School 2016

Hour of code was fun. I really makes you use your brain - and I was learning while I was having fun. I was working on Code Combat. I was stuck on one level and I tried to think it through. I then asked someone to help me so we worked together to work it out.  (Kenneth)

I actually learnt how to code. I chose the Mine Craft coding option. I was trying to solve the obstacles to get to the end to build my own. That's the best part - coding to build whatever I wanted. (Poom)

First when I started at school I learnt how to do Scratch. This was all about coding and programming and making sprites move. This is for the younger demographic. Today I did a Plant V Zombies game where I had to code the zombie to eat a sunflower. Soon after that I changed to an artist program where, like Turtle Academy, I had to draw shapes, choosing what direction to go. It is challenging. Coding is just really enjoyable. (Cam)

Hour of Code is very interesting. You get to do your own thing and you get to experiment. You can even make things explode and spawn animals and make them attack you!  You put commands in the order that you want a game to run by and if something isn't working as you wanted it, you try again by re-coding and changing the commands. (Kavita)

I have been playing these games that tell me how to code a game. I have been programming characters to do certain things. I do this by giving them commands. Commands like which direction to go and which direction to go when you touch something. Coding is good because you get the freedom to make your own game.  (Andrea)

I think it was simple to follow the instructions. The instructions were very clear and because I have coded using Scratch before, this helped me. I was doing the Mine Craft activity. I had to build a house by repeating, and turning left and right. I used the move and place command.  It is fun to know that I am controlling what happens on the screen in the virtual world. (Maria)

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